The Other Global City

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“Global cities” are generally exclusively defined by the flow of global capital. This narrow conception of global urbanity invalidates cities such as Byzantium-Constantinople-Istanbul which has been a global city for over fifteen centuries, Abbasid Baghdad that once was a global city for science, and Bombay which has long claimed to be a global ciy for cinema and the arts.

The present volume attempts to redress the balance. It contends that thinking about the city in longue duree and as part of a network of regions, contests both imperial and nationalist ways of reading cities. In doing so, it looks at what recent literature overlooks, presents neglected counter-cartographies and foregrounds subaltern cosmopolitanisms. Chapters on Istanbul, Cairo and Beirut present counter-cartographies of cities that were much Asiatic and African as European, while those on Bukhara, Lhasa, Delhi, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Tokyo highlight an alternative cosmopolitanism in Asian cities amid conflict and violence.

In addition to the famous question, who has the right to the city, The Other Global City asks, do cities have rights? Seeking a way to re-imagine the global city, the present volume should be required reading for anthropologists, sociologist, urbanists and planners and will also be of interest to the general reader.

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